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Postby Jim » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:33 pm

I'm not sure ???
If you use the Chaneru server 1.4b or 2.0.? and the Chaneru app, it requires VLC to be able to run. The preferred version of VLC is 2.0.1, which can be download from their history archive. The transcoding is "on the fly". So after you get enough queued up to the Roku, the movie should start. In the server's options besides "Transcode", there is one for "Stream". That connects a udp stream between the server and VLC, which slows him down so it doesn't eat up all your processor. The Chaneru server and VLC convert the video into HLS format, so the whole video doesn't have to transcoded before it starts.

To "Stream" or not to "Stream" ???
It depends, some movies don't work if they are "Streamed". But using this method, you can just about play anything !
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