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Http streaming

Postby Jim » Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:54 pm

Added a http option to transcoding. This reduces the cpu overhead and doesn't require an interim file to hold the h264 data before it is converted to HLS format. There is a checkbox in the server's options for transcoding and for streaming. Unchecked it will use the interim file.

If unchecked VLC goes as fast as he can which uses up all the cpu cycles available. If set to stream, it forces VLC to wait for the packets to be sent. Cuts cpu usage just about in half and removes an interim file that is just as large as the target video.

Depending on your processor it might not run. I haven't really experienced a problem other than it takes longer for the Roku to actually start playing. There is an dropped block display just under the icon in the server window. If you start dropping blocks, you might need a new PC !

But I still would like to know what the magic VLC settings for Roku are ! What works for one file may not work for others.

Also added .vlc as a file type. This is used as a video playlist to VLC. Currently only one file at a time. I tried to play a multiple segment movie but I haven't been able to get VLC to append the files. They keep overlaying each other.
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