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Version 2.0.13

Postby Jim » Fri May 23, 2014 11:54 am

A LOT of internal changes. Make SURE you have the 2.0.13 Chaneru server if that is the one you are using !

* Movie Info
Added - Rotten Tomatoes and Tvdb with Fan art to the movie info ( * button ).
Removed, it died.
Added a way to increase / decrease font size of info text, FF / REW
Changed the font handling, maybe better ?
Added .info files

* Audio
Add resume on Roku 5.x, now you can pause long audio books and come back later or switch to a different Roku.
Add fast forward and reverse seek, Optional.
Add support for pcm and flac, "aif", "au", "raw", "wav", "ogg", "flac" files
Add screen load progress bar

* Video
Add file types m2ts, ts

Change to get meta data from files
Added a check for a folder "/Info" where you can place all your movie support files (sheet, icons, nfo, info, srt, bif) to match up with a DLNA or NAS movie.
Added a fix for BIF files to be able to play.

* History
Changed the way history worked. Now each Roku on your network will keep 200 video and 25 audio entries. When it detects another Roku, they will share the top 25 entries in each others queue. As a movie or audio file is played, each Roku running Chaneru will receive position updates. Now when you select a movie that has played, you may get multiple resume points. The first is for the box you are on, then any other box.
Note: Chaneru has to be active for this to work.

* Options
New - Audio seek, Audio resume, Back button.

Note: Debugging has changed !

* Web Remote
There is now a web remote with commands for Chaneru ( The remote buttons all function and you can type using your keyboard. The buttons and keyboard work with any channel. You should have cookies enabled so it will remember your IP and channels. I've tried it with Safari, Firefox and IE. Chrome doesn't work for trace, it doesn't like my transfer mode but the other guys do.

You should have Chaneru active to execute any of the commands.

* Status - displays the active and rejected DLNA devices. If you click one of the icons, it will display the device XML data or config for Chaneru server.
The USB icon gives a TOC for the thumb drive.
* Trace - Opens a new page with running trace data. You can stop and refresh it to start over.
* Channels - Displays your Roku channel icons and you can click one to launch it.
* History - Shows movies and audio files played with position, time and device.
* Log: On/Off - Turns on, off logging.
* Download - Loads the log data into a new page.
* Reset - Starts the log file over.

You can manually get a trace by typing your Roku's IP-Adrs:12345/trace as the URL.

There is a text area that you can insert media URLs that you can PUSH to the Roku.
You can have multiple audio and pictures URLs but only one video. The music and photos are added to any queue playing. This comes in handy when browsing the web. You can copy and then paste to the text area. Add more items and then PUSH them all to Chaneru.

You can change the text area to a Track Pad and use that for mouse positioning with Chaneru. Sometimes Roku gets very busy and the mouse pointer may be jerky.

* Fonts
The default Roku font does not support UTF8 characters but it will if the application supplies it's own font. Because of the size of font files, I do not have the code space to supply them in my package. Also I don't know what language set the user would prefer. So there is a method to define an external font. The user can define a font to use with Themes. Themes only can be defined if the Roku has a USB drive or you use the Chaneru server. Roku only supports true type, ttf or otf fonts.

Modify or create your theme.xml to define <font> and save the font of your choice in the /Theme folder with your XML.
<Font>Arial Unicode.ttf</Font>

Try and provide a font that is fairly small in file size but that still provides the character set that you want.
So now you can have your titles and folder names in the language of your choice.
Мой папка, 我的文件夹, مجلد بلدي , 私のフォルダ , 내 폴더

When you startup Chaneru you should see a “Loading Font” and “Registering Font” message if it is working.

As always, if you have a suggestion or problem, please email
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