Version 2.0.14

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Version 2.0.14

Postby Jim » Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:18 pm

1. Changed the viewed check to include both the local and remote Roku’s history. Also changed the indicator on the video item to display red for this Roku, green for a remote Roku and yellow for both.

2. Added a display of all the synced boxes when I detect and update the Roku viewed history. This helps when you pause on one Roku and resume on another.

3. Now allowing an external HTTP server to be user defined. Makes Linux and other OS types happy. Go into “Options” to set the IP address. The root directory of the server must contain a “Roku” folder and it may contain “Theme” and “Info” folders if you want those features.

4. Better icon arrangement for the Device screen. Instead of rows starting in the upper left, they now group toward the center with larger icons.

5. Disabled UPnP access to a WebDav server. They were hanging a Roku3. Mostly caused by Twonky.

6. Added a "Recent" pseudo folder to the Chaneru server for recently viewed movies. It contains the last ten videos that are not private. The first folder displayed for the device is “Recent” and contains links to the real movies. This really cuts down on the clicks involved to get back to viewing.

7. Various fixes.

8. Fixed Mac server crashing because it was using wrong User home folder.

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