Version 2.0.15

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Version 2.0.15

Postby Jim » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:55 pm

1. Default audio bitrate to 44100.
2. Change audio streamformat from m4a to mp4.
Something changed with the Roku ?? Stream format m4a used to work !
3. Changed Google Analytics from individual photos to slideshow with count.
More and more people are running slideshows. So this will cut down on updating the statistics.

1. WD media server fails decode, failed start of XML data check.
2. Added encode() for image artwork url. WD gives raw url link, TCP 500 errors.

1. Changed purchase screen text for "Buy Now" link.
2. Wait for more data on slow initial response, "Loading Data".
Might cure the "Device maybe offline". Showed up with WD media server on a Roku3

1. Changed manifest splash screen to 1 second.
2. Removed wait from internal splash routine.

1. Added UPnP error display. Getting access denied and others while loading folders.

1. Added multiple USB volumes and drives.
2. Fixed timer early expiration.

1. Fix for manual IP address having an invalid type.

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