Version 2 should support the old .info files of Version 1.4

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Version 2 should support the old .info files of Version 1.4

Postby charliehoward » Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:15 pm

Version 1.4 supported ".info" files: plain text with whatever we chose to put in them. Version 2 does not support them, so all those existing .info files now are useless with version 2. Could you please add support for them?

I've looked at the ".nfo" files it does support, but a program is needed to create them. Without installing and learning to use that program, I have no idea whether it can just auto-convert all of the existing .info files, or if all of that information somehow will have to be typed in from scratch. Trying to access IMDB doesn't work (my names must not match their expectations), and I suspect that IMDB doesn't list too many of my family movies and videos.
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Re: Version 2 should support the old .info files of Version

Postby Jim » Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:18 am

Yes, .info got dropped. Sorry ! I will add another category to the info(*) function, tomorrow.

I've been trying to get the next release wrapped up, still two issues (fonts and history).
Added TVdb and Rotten Tomatoes to the search databases. Dropped the, they stopped working, legal issues.

Still looking at a couple of weeks before this gets to the 2.0 users.
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