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Audio requests

Postby LawnBoy » Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:09 pm

Love your software, it's the only player on Roku to have a queue and UPnP support. I've been using Chaneru for about a year to access my CD collection via UPnP served by my Netgear router, works beautifully. Having my music collection on a jukebox is luxurious!

I have a couple of requests. The first is an easy one, can you add the option for the screensaver to simply go to black?
The second request may be pretty tough... When playing sequential songs or an entire album there is a slight pause between each song. i listen to a lot of jazz and live albums where one song leads directly into the next, and that pause can be very disruptive. Can you add some sort of look ahead feature so that if the next song is sequential to the current song that pause won't happen? Probably very tricky to do, but the RockBox software on my portable player can do it and is open source...

And finally, I have one (and only one) complaint. If my internet connection is down the Chaneru player won't work! I realize you do this to check for unregistered players but, come on, I paid for my copy. My internet connection can be very intermittent at times. Can you not provision some sort of local key? I have no desire to run the Chaneru Server, as I don't have a pc for it to run on nor would I want that pc running 24/7.

Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work.
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