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Re: Features & Fix

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:05 am
by mrmambo
Jim wrote: Could you send me a trace of the start up so I can see what's going on with iTunes ?

File is here:

Jim wrote:Could you also send me a directory listing of the folder that crashes ?

Structure is below; problem could be that the first entry "1Movie & TV Downloads" is an alias to a folder located elsewhere. Maybe Chaneru is having problems with the redirect.

Re: Features & Fix

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:54 am
by Jim
The server checked the time of iTunes and it is ok !
Check_iTunes [/Users/Mark/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml] time 1301344722 file 1301344722

Are you talking about when you start Chaneru on the Roku ?
I don't have any way to keep the tables for iTunes static on the Roku. So I have to reload them every time it starts.
That's why I have a Cancel button, so if you are not interested, you can quit early.
Also if you don't want to use iTunes on the Roku, go into the Chaneru.ini file and delete any line that has iTunes on it.

Re: Features & Fix

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:30 am
by Jim
I updated the beta to handle subtitles with VLC. Roku wont play embedded subtitles but by transcoding and checking the server's option for subtitles, VLC will burn the subtitles on to the output video stream.

Re: Features & Fix

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:36 am
by xier
I just checked out the latest version. Works great! Thanks again for the hard work.

Features Fix

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:53 pm
by MartyDig
Oh god, this has inspired me to work on LETHAL, my laborious fix for FATAL which... well...

Spoiler I promise theres nothing awful in this spoiler, though the formatting is messed up