"Folder Empty!"

Release 2 with UPnP discovery

"Folder Empty!"

Postby glakier » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:26 pm

Just installed Chaneru 2.0 for Windows 7. I see nothing on my computer -no program was downloaded to my machine.
ON Roku, it shows my computer on the bottom of the screen and there is an icon for windows media player at the top.
When I press ok on the remote, it says "Folder Empty!" Device Offline?"

I tried moving music to different locations, but nothing happened.

Why is it unable to find music files on my computer?
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Re: "Folder Empty!"

Postby Jim » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:32 pm

Did you download the Chaneru server for 2.0 from Chaneru.com "Download" ?
Just unzip it and save it to a location that you like.
Then just execute it and click Start. It will look in the common places for files but you can change or add folders using the server's Options.
Now the Roku should be able to find the server.

If you are using WMP, you may already have Window Media Player setup but go through this guide just to make sure !

There are a lot of other media servers available for download, just do a search for DLNA or UPnP media servers for Windows.

Also the "Folder Empty" could be caused by a timeout on the data transfer.
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