Chaneru Beta won't play anything I have!

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Chaneru Beta won't play anything I have!

Postby DGIAIMO » Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:07 am

I have the Beta player and server. Both installed without a hitch, the component parts see each other across the wire, Chaneru successfully "Sees" all the other Roku boxes on my wired ethernet network, and CHaneru has hacked up my iTunes library into hundreds of little carddecks of content that I have to manually shuffle through to even see what is there. So I go to my TV Shows cardpile - click down, open up the deck, see only my topmost TV Show listed. I have to rightarrow to see what's underneath that show. So I did it, dove down almost 220 clicks, found Dexter, season 4 and 5 which I bought from Apple iTunes store (m4a) and when I click on one to try to play it, I get ""the format is not supported or the media is corrupt". Just for craps and laughs I tried music and a movie file that I Ripped using Handbrake, and those two attempts caused my Roku box to reboot itself.

Help! WHat is going on with this thing??? if you wanna email me directly
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Re: Chaneru Beta won't play anything I have!

Postby Jim » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:48 am

OK, Chaneru isn't for everyone !
Roku wont play anything DRM protected. This accounts for most content purchased through iTunes.
You can convert the m4a to mp3 in iTunes and that will drop the protection.

Could you send a server trace of when it crashes ? Send to
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Re: Chaneru Beta won't play anything I have!

Postby tcj » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:42 pm

A very handy thing to do to simplify the mass of files to dig through is to create playlists for each show, or each season of a show, however you want to do it, in iTunes. Then you can easily navigate to that "carddeck" rather than digging through everything like you mention having to do. I hope Roku can come up with an easier way to navigate through movie and TV files someday soon, but until then, this helps a lot.
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