Streaming time-outs and general problems

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Streaming time-outs and general problems

Postby mrmambo » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:05 am

Hey, Jim:

I've been using the Chaneru beta since April with no problems until recently. Now it fails to play back .AVI files; they start, play the first 2-3 seconds, screen goes black, and it plays the beginning again...over and over, until I cancel it. When I tried to fix it by reinstalling the SW, it made things worse and I can't even connect now.

That happened today when I tried reinstalling the Beta server and Roku client. I let the server SW self-assign an IP address on startup, but the Roku can't connect to that address. When that didn't work I tried manually entering the IP address of the host computer, but I couldn't get the main server screen to show the updated IP, despite hitting "update" on the Options screen, restarting the server and client, etc.. I sent you my trace file on Monday 11/7--maybe you can see something.

BTW I can hit the "Connect" button in the server software and it launches the Chaneru client on the Roku; it also says "Found 1 Roku Device" on the client, so I believe the connection is there.

This is a Mac (2006 iMac intel, running 10.6.8). I initially tried updating VLC thinking maybe it was having codec problems, but that hasn't worked (I'm running VLC v. 1.1.12).

It's all very frustrating--it's worked great for 7 months and now doesn't work at all. Thanks in advance-

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Re: Streaming time-outs and general problems

Postby Bakis » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:13 am

HLS, which is what Chaneru uses for serving transcoded avi files, is broken on the Roku 1. See and

Unfortunately, Roku is not acknowledging this failure in their new 3+ firmware so there is little or no hope of getting this fixed. HLS does work properly in the Roku 2, but it has problems of its own and is not as versatile as the Roku 1 for Home Theater.
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